Week 6 Update

1) After a second night of testimony, the Act 47 Hearing closed on Wednesday, November 17th. The transcripts of testimony are done and forwarded to the parties.  Parties who wish to submit proposed findings, conclusions, and written arguments must do so by 12/8.  DWH will post the rest of the documents in from the hearings as soon as we can get them scanned.

2)  The first trial on claims against the City has been scheduled to start on 12/15 in Dauphin County Court. Joseph & Jacalyn Lahr have filed an equity suit against the City demanding that all monies paid by Dauphin County as guarantor of the THA incinerator debt should be repaid in full to the County and other obligations. The suit also claims that the $68 million THA City-guaranteed debt should be included in the 2010 Budget.  Access the Court filing here.  There is Motion to Stay because of the Act 47 process which is awaiting a ruling.

3)  We have no update on any of the five (5) other Incinerator-related legal claims against the City.

4) On 11/23, Harrisburg City Council voted to approve a Memorandum of Agreement securing Cravath, Swaine, & Moore to advise Council on Act 47 and Chapter 9. It is Pro Bono service, with the City responsible for certain out-of-pocket costs.

5) DWH‘s last meeting was on 11/16 @ the Midtown Scholar.  Another DWH meeting will be scheduled soon with consideration of the holidays.

In the meantime, those of you who are able and willing to help out with DWH‘s mission, the upcoming Budget Hearings give that opportunity. In these meetings, the Budget & Finance Committee, Susan Brown Wilson, Chair, will listen to and discuss presentations from City departments and administrators before City Council votes on a final 2011 Budget on December 16th.  See “Meetings & Notices” for the schedule for the 2011 Budget Hearings.  It would be effective to have at least 2 DWH members at each hearing to participate, that is attend to observe, take notes, and provide a review for DWH‘s records.

If this is something you are interested in doing, please email debtwatchhbg@gmail.com with your plan to attend so an account of members in attendance can be kept.

Of course, as a volunteer taxpayer group, all and any assistance is greatly appreciated.  It will be together that we succeed.

There is true strength in numbers!

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