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Compare & Contrast the Harrisburg Act 47 Plan

Below you will find a point by point comparison of the Original Act 47 Plan & the Revised Act 47 Plan. Notice:

  • Red=Deletions from Original to Revision
  • Blue=Additions from Original to Revision

The Revised Plan will be voted on by Harrisburg City Council on Tuesday, July 19th @ 6pm, City Council Chambers, City Government Center (10 N 2nd Street). The public is encouraged to attend. 


Revised Act 47 Plan

Below are links to the Executive Summary on the revised Act 47 Plan, issued Friday July 8th.  Under current Pennsylvania law,only the Coordinator may modify the Plan, so now a majority of City Council must either accept or reject it by July 23, 2011.  Council has scheduled a Special Legislative Session to consider and likely vote on the revised Plan on TuesdayJuly 19th at 6 p.m. City Council Chambers, City Government Center (10 N 2nd Street).

An ‘Executive Session’ was scheduled for Friday July 8th at 3:00 p.m. between full City Council and the Act 47 Coordinators.  Debt Watch Harrisburg contacted legal counsel for both groups trying to make sure the meeting was conducted in an open, public manner, as required by the Sunshine Act.  Instead of opening the meeting, that meeting was cancelled although some Council members individually met with the Coordinators, including Kelly Summerford, Brad Koplinski, and Gloria Martin Roberts.

It has not yet been decided if the Act 47 Coordinators will be asked to present the revised Act 47 Plan to the public at the next Legislative Session on Tuesday, July 12th, 6pm. 


Click links below to access the Revised Act 47 Plan & its Executive Summary:

Click the link below to read the comments DWH submitted to the Coordinatoron 6/28/11: