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Harrisburg City Council will vote on the Mayor’s Act 47 Plan on Wednesday, August 31 @ 6pm, City Council Chambers, (City Govt Center, 10 N 2nd Street). 


Below are four (4) Orders issued this month in the two (2) TD Bank cases.  It shows that the Court is managing the two (2) cases jointly right now.


The Mayor’s Act 47 Plan


 August 2nd 2011:  Mayor’s Proposed Act 47 Recovery Plan 

Mayor’s City Recovery Plan Remarks



Meetings on Mayor’s Plan 

Tuesday, 8-9-2011 @ 6pm, City Council Chambers: Mayor Thompson will come to City Council Chambers to present her plan.

Thursday, 8-11-2011 @ 6pm, John Harris High School: Mayor Thompson will present her plan to the public in a required formal hearing. Public input will be considered for revisions.


DEBT WATCH HARRISBURG‘s Letter to PA DCED Secretary C. Alan Walker 8-4-2011: Letter to Secretary Walker


In the letter,